Social Empowerment of Women

The indicators of social empowerment of women add the base of gender inequality, sex ratios, life span rates and fertility rates which shows the status of women in terms of literacy, economic growth, accessibility to health care and contraception facilities, educational status of women, age at marriage, literacy rates and involvement of women beyond the home. Gender inequality is a worldwide phenomenon and leaving aside some Nordic nations, gender inequality base demonstrates very badly for pretty much all major countries in the world. Sex relation is against women in Asia and even though life span is now up around the world including in Asia it has not improved the overall status of women in a lot of the world. Same is the case with fertility rates which have declined in some regions including Asia but the positive impact of this change on women around the world is not as much as that was desired. Obvious gender hole exists in terms of literacy 私密處止癢 rates though it is narrowing across Asia. The figures for female literacy rates are not at all encouraging in the developing world. Now let’s focus on various conditions that are closely associated with the social empowerment of women.Women's Healthcare | Pharmaceuticals | Bayer

Physical violence against women is a real fact and we need to acknowledge the real disaster behind this crime. It totally shatters the women from the core psychologically as well as physically. It is time that community development and feminist values are made an intrinsic area of empowerment of women. Women need to be educated and made aware of their protection under the law and they should be encouraged to stand u . s . contrary to the biased and discriminating social environment which directly and indirectly affects their psychological and physical self. Education and awareness would be a big step towards the fight against gender based physical violence. Only through education and awareness we can connect with the vast majority of women living in differing of the world and forestall them from falling hope to the numerous forms of possible physical violence in their life. We must accept the fact that women are constantly under the threat of physical violence from various sides. The oppressive structures of the society need to be changed and oppression of women need to be stopped but it won’t happen through some magic pill solutions. The change can be only possible through social empowerment of women at the your lawn root level with education and awareness.

When we talk of social empowerment of women then we are actually addressing various issues that happen to be applicable to some other part of the world for improving the overall status of women. Among them the prominent issues relate to education for girls, health for girls, nutrition for girls, drinking water and sterilizing for girls and their family, housing and shelter for girls and their family, environment and the experience of women, involvement of women in the field of science and technology, care for women under difficult circumstances, fighting the physical violence against women and protection under the law of the girl child.

We need to accept the fact that gender inequality and splendour has been standard of the society and in this regard it details all facets of the life span of women. Education and training for girls is one of the major goals of social empowerment of women which need to be generally made applicable to everyone parts of the world. This will definitely improve the awareness in women which experts claim will increase her confidence. A confident and well aware woman could tackle inequality and splendour in a far better way than an ill-equipped and ill-trained woman. But on the other hand we must accept the fact that women and girls never had equal access to education as men and boys have. Illiteracy is the highest among the female of the population. Women are far behind in terms of having gainful profession or vocation because of lack of skills and education. There is an enormous gender hole in supplementary and advanced schooling. Moreover spiritual and caste equations have made things worse in many parts of the world. The work has to start at the your lawn root levels. The educational systems need to be made more accessible to women at your lawn root levels and they need to be revamped to include gender sensitive educational system which prevents sex stereotyping and splendour. Social organizations can play a major role in universalizing education at the basic ground level. This can be achieved through increasing the sign up and maintenance rates of girl child in the primary schools and offering quality education and skills to them in order to stand up on their feet and live a dignified life.

Coming to the healthiness of women we need to understand that women are facing very difficult times at all levels of their life cycle. It is sad to note that a section of our society is highly prejudiced contrary to the girl child and in fact can be branded as criminals of the highest order as they practice the heinous crime of female feticide. Then we have the problem of high infant mortality and maternal mortality and one of the major reasons for this being the early child relationships. Quality health care for girls is not available in many parts of the world. Women’s directly to informed choice regarding her the reproductive system protection under the law is another area which needs attention. Talking of the reproductive system protection under the law women even don’t have affordable choice of family planning methods. Education and awareness in this regard is nonexistent and absent. Women are liable to sexually fed diseases and other endemic, infectious and communicable diseases. HIV/AIDS is another major problem. Women’s traditional familiarity with health care and nutrition, alternative systems of medicine are actually underutilised and not recognized. It is necessary to acknowledge these alternative systems and integrate them with the main stream health care systems to make it work in tandem. This will assist in providing reasonable and quality health care for girls.

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