The dice that can bring the luck

There is a variety of bets games thathave their form of a payout. It is usually played with the help of the three dice. sic bo is one of the most familiar games ever that is played using not one but three dice while playing it. It is also familiar as Dai Siu, Hi-Lo, and also as Tai -Sai. This is much easier to be played and it sure that the player will involve themselves in the game and enjoy it to the greatest extent.

The versatility of the games:

This game is games are available in different versions which are equally interesting to play. Let’s have a view of different versions of the dice game.

Bank craps- in this version the player has to throw the dice which is also known as the shooter. The player who likes to bet on the shooter has the chance of winning. The player places their bet on the area called line they keep moving in different houses or layouts. Anyone who does the betting against this shooter will place their area of bet which is marked as don’t come or pass. In this case, the shooter is considered to win if their throw is number 7 or it can also be number 11. This should be done only on the first throw. If not done so they are considered to lose the game. they instead may throw numbers 3,2 or even 12-based craps. This will be considered that the bet is settled. The player continues to throw till their roll out the again the same number. By this, they will be the winner of the game.

If the player throws number 7 they will lose both of their bet as well as the dice. In case a shooter does not win they need to pass over the dice to the player who is having their turn towards their left. In case the shooter is winning the dice will be kept by them and will put up the bet of the next turn.

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