What Is Google Hummingbird – What Does It Mean to Your Listings?

Most people have never heard of Google’s new search algorithm – Hummingbird. The majority of those that have come across the term have no idea what it actually is – or how it may affect them. Here are a few facts about this new search engine launch and why you should be aware of it – but not worry about it.

If you own a website or a blog – any website or blog that you hope to have listed online – then you are likely involved in SEO (search engine optimization.) This is a general process by which you make the individual pages on your site as attractive to Google as possible. The need for this will never go, but too many people write their web pages and blog posts to keep search engines happy rather than their readers.

The Google Hummingbird algorithm is a Buy Google Reviews significant change to Google (likely the most significant over the past 12 years,) but will not make much of a change to web pages written for readers. If it is possible to point to any specific change introduced by the Hummingbird algorithm, it is that it calculates the sense or meaning of a search term.

Rather than seeking out keywords in a search term, Hummingbird looks at the concept of the search. For example, “The nearest Afro hairdressing salon to me” might appear to be too vague – how does Google know where you are? However, if you have a Google+ account with a profile stating your geographical location, then this is easier to understand.

You will normally be identified by Google when you fire up the search engine, and perhaps this is how this aspect of the Hummingbird algorithm works. Google has stated that this is a very significant algorithm change – not an update such as the Pandas or the Penguins.

Think of the Google search engine as being just that – an engine. Updates, such as Penguin, Panda, LSI, and PageRank are additions to the overall algorithm, just as if you had a new distributor, radiator or fuel pump installed into your car engine. Hummingbird is not an update – it is a totally new engine.

It may incorporate all of these updates, or upgrades, but it is the first major search engine change for some years. It is a combination of many different algorithms, designed to rank a web page on over 200 different factors, each factor assessed using a different algorithm. Panda, Penguin, LSI, PageRank and so on, are simply four such factors or algorithms.

The Hummingbird algorithm change appears to have taken yet one more step, albeit a major one, towards rewarding natural writing in favor of artificial language designed to stress certain keywords. It is further proof of Google’s commitment to the reader rather than the writer.

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